Elizabeth''s Holistic Health


Aroma Therapeutic Massage

Full body massage utilizing advanced Swedish techniques incorporating pure essential oils. Accented with acutonics by applying fine vibration with tuning forks to acupressure points and chakras (energy zone) to complete your balance and rejuvenation.

60 minute appointment $68

Express Massage

Perfect for headaches, neck and shoulder pain, or those that need immediate care or only have time during a lunch hour.

30 minute appointment $40

Medical Massage

Injury treatment enhancing the healing process by decreasing muscle pain and spasm, realigning scar tissue and increasing range of motion and flexibility. Combined with deep breathing techniques, body movement with a center in body awareness.

60 minute appointment $68

Paid at time of service (Insurance prices vary)

Hot Stone Massage

Experience the ancient healing techniques of nature. Polished river bed stones are heated and incorporated into a massage, melting your muscles into deep relaxation, then place on each chakre (energy zone) to balance your body and spirit.

90 minute appointment $99

Pregnancy Massage

Combination of gentle Swedish techniques adapted to the specifid needs of the pre/post natal mother. With over 15 years of experience, special positioning and cushions are used for optimum comfort and safety. Great for aches, pains and stresses of pregnancy and childbirth. Safe for all stages of a healthy pregnancy.

60 minute appointment $68

Happy Healthy Child Massage

Gentle Swedish techniques applied to alleviate growing pains, stress, tension and improve sleep patterns associated with the challenges of growing up. With over 7 years of early child care experience, it's therapy you can trust. Safe for healthy children of all ages from infancy to 18 years of age.

30 minute appointment $30
60 minute appointment $60

PLU Student Saver

Discounted therapeutic massage to save you from the stress, neck aches and tension associated with intense study.

30 minute appointment $30
60 minute appointment $60

Golden Years Reward

Specially designed for active seniors 65 years and up. Alleviate discomforts of arthritis, dry skin and needs of healthy touch.

60 minute appointment $68